Diagnostic Assessment

This level of assessment is necessary to establish whether dyslexia is present.

Even if dyslexia is not detected, the report analysing the learner’s strengths and weakness will be helpful. It will provide recommendations of strategies and resources to support future learning.

What is involved?

Reading, writing and spelling skills are tested. Underlying ability is assessed, as well as learning skills such as memory and speed of processing. Information about the student’s background and learning history is also collected to enable a diagnosis of dyslexia (if present) to be made.

How long does it take?

The assessment usually takes between two and three hours. Breaks can be taken at suitable points. Younger children in particular are encouraged to be active between tasks.

What is in the report?

A detailed report is provided outlining the student’s background, educational experience and, where relevant, health or other conditions. The assessment tests are described and the findings explained. A conclusion is drawn and a diagnosis of dyslexia stated if found to be present. Recommendations are given which may include further investigations, strategies for learning and resources.

Who can be assessed?

This assessment is suitable for everyone from the age of seven years.

How much does it cost?

The fee of £450 includes a post-assessment consultation to discuss the report.