My aim is for students to develop the confidence to learn and the belief that they can succeed. Through multi-sensory activities I help students to understand the process of learning and to reflect upon their own strengths and challenges. This builds resilience and determination to overcome the barriers they may face when studying.

Beginning Tuition

A series of lessons begins with exploring the student’s knowledge, strengths and weaknesses. Together we will identify goals, and perceptions about learning. With input from parents, and when possible school teachers, individual targets are identified and a personal programme of work devised.


Most students have weekly individual lessons of one hour. Shared lessons, which some students find beneficial, may be available.

Lessons are multi-sensory (looking, listening and doing). A range of resources are used, including i-pad and computer. Most students will require support with reading, spelling and writing. Some will be working on maths skills. Most will also need to develop sequencing, memory or organisational skills. For older students support with study skills, revision and exam techniques can be helpful. All students are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and identify helpful strategies.


Students are given activities to complete at home such as practising sounds for reading, spelling or handwriting. Access can be given to an online programme to develop reading and spelling skills. Books of appropriate interest and reading levels may be borrowed. Some of these have accompanying audio books.

Support is provided, when appropriate, for completing homework from school. Building links between SC Dyslexia lessons and school facilitates effective learning.